Management Rights Information For Buyers

Resort Sales offer a free advisory service to buyers interested in management rights and tourism properties, and a range of tools and reports that will help you with understanding the nature of the property and the local market.

Expert Advice

We have emphasized the absolute importance of dealing only with experts when contemplating management rights. With this in mind you are welcome to call on us at any time for advice on selecting from our list of recommended financial institutions, accountants and solicitors expert in management rights.

The Buyers Guide Booklet

Financing Management Rights

Perhaps the most fundamental requirement in purchasing Management Rights is to understand the financing of the purchase. Resort Sales have produced a booklet ‘ Financing the Purchase of Management Rights’which provides important information on the financing process and also includes the Borrowing Chart.

This very helpful chart takes into consideration the purchase price of each component of the sale, the maximum amount the banks will lend on each component and includes in the borrowings the total amount of the entry costs.

This valuable publication is available free of charge on request from Resort Sales.

Property Reports

Management Rights Property Reports

To assist you in formulating an accurate understanding of each property, every Resort Sales listing comes with a colour Property Report that provides a range of photographs of the property and full details of the management rights business. The property report includes the profit and loss statement for the current trading year.

As this is an important document and should be fully understood,you are welcome to discuss it with us should there be any areas that may not be clear to you

Recommended Reading

Our booklet provides you with a basic understanding of Management Rights, however the subject is dealt with more extensively in other publications available to those considering entering the industry. The following titles are available on request:

  • Understanding Management Rights: Part of a series of informative articles included in a compendium prepared by Mahoney Lawyers Brisbane, and includes a copy of ‘Management ONE’, their Management Rights newsletter.
  • Everything You Need To Know About Management Rights: Prepared by Hillhouse Burroughs McKeown Lawyers Brisbane.
  • Management Rights - New Manager Handbook: Prepared by BDO Chartered Accountants of Cairns.

Contact Us For More Information

Intending buyers are invited to contact us to discuss management rights opportunities or discuss any management rights for sale.