Management Rights Information For Sellers

RESORT SALES provide a full consultation and support program for management rights owners wishing to sell their management rights business and achieve the maximum fair market price.

Informed Advice

It starts from our first meeting with the seller where the current state of the market is considered carefully in order to set a realistic and achievable multiplier on the business component.

The value of the real estate component, and other factors such as timing and marketing strategies, are all given careful consideration before setting the final total selling price.

Information Booklet

The Resort Sales booklet “Listing your Management Rights for Sale” provides an explanation of everything you need to know about readying your business to sale, including:

  • A comprehensive Check List
  • Marketing and advertising procedures
  • Important tips for preparing for sale
  • Details of the different types of appointment of Real Estate Agent

Property Report

We also discuss the importance of providing a comprehensive Property Report of the property. The Property Reports are a major selling tool as they support the advertising and marketing promotion of the management rights for sale, providing the primary response material to enquiries off the web page and press advertising. The quality of the Property Report sets the tone and shows each property in the very best light to attract further buyer interest.Management Rights Property Reports.

The Property Reports are also used by banks, solicitors and accountants involved in the sale. The depth of information creates a well informed prospect who will have greater confidence when considering the purchase of your management rights.

Web Site

It can be seen from the listings shown within on this web site that the Resort Sales web page is a significant advertising medium and not just an information entry. The inclusion of plenty of illustrative photographs and a serious overview of the property is all designed to encourage further enquiry by those viewing the listings.

Sellers do not pay any costs for Property Reports or web site listings.

Print Advertising

Resort Sales can advertises one or more listings in the Weekend Cairns Post. Should the Seller request advertising in the national press or major Southern press, an advertising budget can be produced to include more extensive advertising program.

Resort Sales will also have a series of half page advertisements in the RESORT NEWS and as a client of Resort Sales you will be invited to participate in these large colourful ads at a discounted rate and expose your property to a wide and targeted audience throughout Queensland and the eastern states.

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Please contact us to discuss in greater detail the listing of your management rights with Resort Sales.

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